In Europa Universalis II, Every province has a Climate. Whilst you cannot see a province's climate in-game, it does have an impact on the game. It is defined as a number between 0 and 8 in province.csv.

Winter Edit

A province with a winter climate (0, 5, 7, or 8) can experience winter. During the winter months, a province with the right climate will have its supply reduced by 10 for the province owner, and by 25 for everybody else.

Tropics and Desert Edit

A province with tropical climate (numbers 4 and 6) has its supply reduced by 5 all year round. population growth for colonies and colonial cities in a tropical province is reduced by 8% unless it is on the same continent as the capital. The chances of successful colonization are reduced by 10% in a tropical province, unless the country's capital is also in a tropical province. Furthermore, the maximum attrition is increased by 8% for a province with desert climate.

List of Climate Types Edit

Note: we use the term temperate to describe climates with no gameplay effect. If snow is described as "between" two months, that is the maximum length of winter. If it is described as "mostly" between two months, then it will almost always be winter weather during those months.

Climate Description Effects
0 Extreme winter Snow between October and May, mostly November to April
1 Desert increased attrition
2 Temperate
3 Temperate
4 Tropical Reduced population growth
5 Light Winter Snow between December to January
6 Tropical (equatorial provinces) Reduced population growth
7 Medium winter Snow between November and March. Mostly December through to February
8 Southern Winter Snow between June and August

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