In Europa Universalis II, Fantasia is a special scenario, where the starting position is not based on real history. In this scenario, there are only 8 playable countries, each of whom has an identical start. Apart from their respective starting provinces, the entire map is unsettled. The scenario starts in 1500, and ends in 1822, and contains no scripted events.

Starting Conditions Edit

Each country has the following starting conditions:

Countries Edit

Fantasia allows you to start with the following countries:

  • Iroqois
    • Start in Mohawk
    • Knows Irondekoit, Tuscarora, Oswego, Onondaga
    • religion is pagan
    • culture is Iroquois
  • Inca
  • Mughal Empire
    • Start in Delhi
    • Knows Rajputana, Awadh, Bundelkhand, Malwa
    • religion is Sunni
    • culture is Hindi
  • China
  • Catalunya
    • Start in Catalonia
    • Knows Gerona, Navarra, Aragon, Valencia, Murcia, and the sea province Gulf of Valencia.
    • religion is Catholic
    • culture is Iberian
  • Ukraine
    • Start in Krementjug
    • Knows Donetsk, Poltava, Crimea, Ukraina, Jedisan
    • religion is Orthodox
    • culture is Ruthenian
  • Mameluks
    • Start in Delta
    • Knows Cataract, Alexandria, Egypt, and sea province Bay of Alexandria
    • religion is Shi'ite
    • culture is Arabic
  • Eire
    • Start in Meath
    • Knows Connaught, Ulster, Meath, Leinster, Munster, and the sea province of Irish Sea
    • religion is Catholic
    • culture is Gaelic

All other settings are the default for the country, so countries in better techgroups, and with better default domestic policy settings presumably have an advantage, as do countries which start knowing slightly more provinces.

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