In Europa Universalis II, a governor is a city upgrade that increases the city's income and gradually lowers the country's inflation.

Effects of Governors Edit

The main effect of governors is to lower a country's inflation. If a country owns N cities, each governor reduces inflation by 0.25%/(12*N) each month. Thus, if every city you own has a governor, each year your inflation will decrease by 0.25%.

There are several other effects of governors. A governor:

Promoting Governors Edit

Governors cannot be promoted until you reach infrastructure technology 5. Once you do, a mayor may promoted to a governor in any city you own and control, if that city does not already have a governor. The base cost for this is 100 ducats; the cost is modified only by inflation. The time required for the promotion is 24 months. Note that if you lose control of the city while the promotion is underway, it does not happen and you lose the money.

Once a city has a governor, he cannot be removed, even when the province changes owners.

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