Guyenne is a country in Europa Universalis II. In normal games its provinces are coloured light orange, in fantasia games, they are coloured light orange.

Creating Guyenne Edit

"Map showing provinces that can form Guyenne"

Provinces that can form Guyenne

If it ceases to exist, Guyenne can be recreated by revolt or releasing a vassal at any point before 1st January 1492. Its culture will be French, and its religion Catholic.

Guyenne must contain one of the following provinces:

  • Gascogne (the default capital)
  • Guyenne

Starting Position Edit

The Guyenne only exists at the start of the 1419 scenario

1419 Edit

"Map showing Guyenne’s starting position in 1419"

Guyenne's starting position in 1419

In this scenario, Guyenne has French culture, Catholic religion, and 300 ducats in the treasury. It owns and controls three of its 34 core provinces and nothing else.

Guyenne also has the following stability and technology:

Tech Level
Stability 1
Infrastructure 0
Trade tech 0
Land tech 1
Naval tech 1

AI Priorities Edit

Guyenne uses the France AI file. This means that it has the following priorities:

Colonization Edit

"Map showing North and Central American provinces French countries will try to colonise"

North & Central American colonies

"Map showing South American provinces French Countries will try to colonise"

South American colonies

"Map showing African provinces French countries will try to colonise"

African colonies

"Map showing Indian provinces French countries will try to colonise"

Indian colonies

Guyenne will attempt to colonise up to 5 provinces at the same time, and establish a trading post 50% of the time. Their bonus for colonising provinces next to ones they already control is 10 (well below the default). Their penalty for colonising provinces next to other countries is 0 (compared to a default of -50).

When colonising, Guyenne will prioritise the regions of North America, Carribean, West Africa, and India (all marked blue on the maps). They will particularly prioritise the following areas (marked red on the maps):


  • Acadie
  • Antilles
  • Grand Lacs
  • Guiana
  • Haiti
  • Hudson Bay
  • Illinois
  • Louisiane
  • Quebec


  • Cameroon
  • Congo
  • Gabon
  • Ivory
  • Madagascar
  • Senegal
  • Seychelles
  • The Mascarenes


  • Carnatic

Trade Edit

Guyenne will send a trader less often than the default AI (40 compared to 100) and is more monopolist than the default AI (having a value of 40 rather than 25 for refusing trade).

War Edit

Guyenne is a warmonger (having a warmonger value of 75, as opposed to 10).

In choosing provinces to besiege, it is less likely to focus on attacking provinces with high tax values (a value of 3.0 compared to the default of 5.0), it has a slightly larger preference for besieging multiple provinces (0.2 compared to 0.1), is willing to fight further from home (value of 4 compared to default of 0.5), is less likely to defend/liberate their own provinces (1.5 vs 2.0), is more likely to attack provinces with a low Supply value (setting is 2.0 compared to 1.0), and is significantly more aggressive (5.0 vs 1.0).

Guyenne is particularly likely to declare war on the following countries:

In Europe

In the Americas

In India

In Indochina

Monarchs Edit

Name Reigns from Diplomacy Administration Military
Jean IV 1418 6 5 5
Jean V 5 Nov 1450 6 6 6
Pierre 1460 5 3 5
Jean V 1470 6 6 6
Charles I 10 Feb 1473 5 5 6
Charles II 3 Jun 1497 6 4 4
Marguerite 11 May 1525 4 7 4
Henri II 21 Dec 1549 5 5 5
Jeanne III 29 May 1555 6 6 4
Henri III 9 Jun 1572 9 9 9

Leaders Edit

Guyenne has no leaders.

Events Edit

Guyenne only has one scripted event.

The Crown of France

"map showing Ile de France"

Ile de France

This event happens if, at any point between 1st January 1420 and 1st January 1515, Guyenne owns the province of Ile de France, and France does not exist. It has two options. Option A is France is Reborn with me, option B is Let France rest in peace.

The two options have the following effect:

France is Reborn with me

  • Guyenne becomes France
  • +200 Victory Points
  • +3 Stability
  • Gain an army in Ile de France consisting of 15,000 Infantry, 10,000 Cavalry, and 30 Artillery

Let France rest in peace