In Europa Universalis II, Jean Calvin is a scripted event enabling the Reformed religion, which occurs sometime from 1540 through 1551. (Specifically, it occurs randomly on one of the 4000 days from Jan 1, 1540, to Feb 9, 1551.) In real history, Jean Calvin was a protestant churchman, who almost single-handedly created a new church structure based on the theological implications of the Reformation. See the wikipedia entry for the Jean Calvin. The timing of the event in EU2 represents Calvin's second period in Geneva; see the section in the Calvin article about Reform in Geneva.

Effects of Jean Calvin Edit

"Map showing provinces that turn Reformed at the Jean Calvin event"

Effects of Jean Calvin

The advent of Jean Calvin has the following effects:

  • It immediately converts all provinces to Reformed, which are encoded in province.csv as being Reformed, and which have not already been religiously converted. There are 27 such provinces, covering most of the Netherlands, all of Scotland, and minorities of France, Germany, England, and Hungary.
  • It enables Western Christian countries to voluntarily change their state religion to Reformed.
  • It adds a fifth religious tolerance slider to Western Christian countries. Don't forget to adjust your tolerance when it happens.

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