Magdeburg is a country in Europa Universalis II. It is an Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. In normal games its provinces are coloured light brown, in fantasia games, they are coloured light orange. Magdeburg uses the peaceful AI file if created mid-game, and the default AI file otherwise.

Creating Magdeburg Edit

"Map showing provinces that can form Magdeburg"

Provinces that can form Magdeburg

Magdeburg can be created by revolt or releasing a vassal at any point in the game. It will have its normal latin techgroup. Its culture and religion are not stated in revolt.txt, but will be German and probably Catholic or Protestant. It will consist of the single province of Magdeburg.

Starting Position Edit

"Map showing Magdeburg's starting position"

Magdeburg's starting position

Magdeburg only exists at the start of the 1419 scenario.

1419 Edit

In this scenario, Magdeburg has German culture, Catholic religion, and 150 ducats in the treasury. It owns and controls its only core, Magdeburg, and nothing else.

Magdeburg also has the following stability and technology:

Tech Level
Stability 3
Infrastructure 0
Trade tech 0
Land tech 1
Naval tech 1

Monarchs Edit

Name Reigns From Diplomacy Administration Military
Günther I 1403 4 5 5
Friedrich II 23 Mar 1445 6 5 4
Johann I 11 Nov 1464 4 5 6
Interregnum 13 Dec 1475 4 4 4
Ernst I 19 Mar 1479 4 5 5
Adolf I 1489 6 5 6
Albrecht I 3 Aug 1513 6 7 5
Johann Albrech I 24 Sep 1545 6 5 4
Friedrich III 17 May 1551 5 5 5
Sigismund I 3 Oct 1552 6 6 6
Joachim Friedrich I 13 Sep 1566 5 6 6
Christian Wilhelm I Jan 1598 5 6 4
August I 1635 4 4 3

Leaders Edit

Magdeburg does not have any leaders in vanilla EU2.

Events Edit

Magdeburg does not have any events.

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