Here are maps for vanilla Europa Universalis II, showing terrain and province IDs. For the rules on getting maps, see the article on terra incognita. For more detailed information on province attributes, consult the EU2 Atlas.

Continents Edit

These are maps of continents (or subcontinental areas), which are sets of land provinces.

Europe Edit

EU2 Europe IDs


North America Edit

EU2 NAmerica IDs

North America

South America Edit

EU2 SAmerica IDs

South America

Africa Edit

EU2 Africa IDs


The Far East Edit

EU2 FarEast IDs

The Far East

The Middle East Edit

EU2 MidEast IDs

The Middle East

Australia and Oceania Edit

EU2 Australia IDs

Australia and Oceania

Oceans Edit

These are maps of oceans, which are sets of sea zones.

The Atlantic Ocean Edit

EU2 Atlantic IDs

The Indian Ocean Edit

EU2 Indian IDs

The Pacific Ocean Edit

EU2 Pacific IDs

Credit Edit

This article is based on, and uses the snapshots from, an article posted at the EU2 fora. The author of that article, who presumably also created the maps, is forum user "JP".