In Europa Universalis II, each type of military unit has a base cost. Military unit base costs are defined as the cost to recruit one army unit of a military unit type at neutral domestic policy slider settings (all sliders set at five) and with no inflation. All base costs vary with the difficulty level.

Effects of Military Unit Base Costs Edit

Military units' base costs have two effects in the game:

Troop Base Costs Edit

The table shows troop unit size, and their base costs, in ducats:

             Infantry      Cavalry      Artillery
Difficulty   (1000 men)    (1000 men)   (10 guns)
Very Easy    7             19           28
Easy         8             20           29
Normal       9             21           30
Hard         10            22           31
Very Hard    11            23           32

Naval Base Costs Edit

All naval units have unit size of one ship. The table shows naval unit base costs, in ducats:

Difficulty   Warship       Galley       Transport
Very Easy    48             8           13
Easy         49             9           14
Normal       50            10           15
Hard         51            11           16
Very Hard    52            12           17

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