Religion screen EUII

The religion screen in EU2 is a display showing information about your country related to religion.

To get to the religion screen for your country, first go to the country screen. There is a shield-shaped button in the upper right which shows the icon for your current state religion; click it to get to the religion screen.

The religion screen displays the following information:

  • your country's current state religion, at the top. Also, the slider for your state religion has a box around it. In the example, France's state religion is Catholic.
  • for Western Christians only, other religions they can convert to. In the example, France can convert to the Protestant religion.
  • your country's current religious tolerance settings are displayed on the set of sliders labeled "Tolerance Levels"; these are the religious tolerance sliders. In the example, France has maximum tolerance for Catholics, middling tolerance for Protestants, Reformed, and Orthodox, and no tolerance for Moslems.

The religion screen offers you the following actions:

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