The Europa Universalis II file revolt.txt defines many important aspects of any country which enters the game via new country creation. New country creation comprises the release of vassals by a player, independence scripted events (which force a vassal release by a human or AI), and revolts.

Revolt.txt is found in the EU2 subdirectory db. On a typical install of EU2 to a C: drive, you can look at it by using this link:

file://C:\Program Files\Paradox Entertainment\Europa Universalis II\db\revolt.txt

Format of revolt.txt Edit

Revolt.txt is a text file containing a long listing of attributes for countries, in a fairly plain text format. An example is shown here.

 PUR = {
	no = ROY
	date = { day = 1 month = january year = 1640 }
	expirydate = { day = 15 month = february year = 1688 }
	minimum = { 244 246 }
	extra = { 248 249 250 }
	capital = 244
	group = latin
	ai = ""
	culture = anglosaxon
	religion = reformed

The so-called "tag" of the country being defined is given first, in the example, "PUR". Which country a tag "is" is largely defined here in revolt.txt; however, the name of the country associated with it is hardcoded as "Puritans" (see the article on country tags for other tag/name assocations). Many other features of a given country are found under the same tag in the file country.csv.

The tags interior to the curly-brace list define various attributes of the country, as are relevant to its possible revolt or freeing as a vassal. Here is a list of tags and what they mean.

  • no - if this tag is present, it will give a country or countries that cannot exist simultaneously. If the "no" country currently exists, this country cannot revolt or be freed.
  • date, expirydate - these encode the timespan where the country may be freed or revolt.
  • minimum - this tag defines a set of provinces, at least one of which is required to be part of the new country; otherwise it cannot revolt or be freed. All minimum provinces will be core provinces for the new country.
  • extra - this tag defines a set of provinces which are optionally part of the new country; it will have them as core provinces, but it cannot be formed only using "extra" provinces.
  • capital - this tag defines a province which, if it is present in the new country, will always be its capital province.
  • group - this tag defines the techgroup that the country will be placed into.
  • ai - this tag gives the filename of a file that will be used to configure the AI that will run the country.
  • culture - this tag, if present, defines a hardcoded state culture that the new country will get. If not present, the country gets whatever culture its capital has.
  • religion - this tag, if present, defines a hardcoded state religion that the new country will get. If not present, the country gets whatever religion its capital has.

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