In Europa Universalis II, straits connect two land provinces across a single sea zone. A strait shows on the map as a set of three little island icons in the water. For example, a strait connects Thrace to Anatolia. Since Veneto is considered as an island ingame, the passages to its neighboring provinces are straits, even though they are not visible on the map.

The following rules apply to straits:

  • Land units may ordinarily march across straits, requiring only longer land movement times.
  • The presence of any non-retreating enemy ships in the adjacent sea zone blocks the strait, forbidding all land passage. While the strait is blocked, no land unit may be given orders that cross it. Land units with orders already plotted may continue to move, and if the strait has been cleared by their arrival day, will cross it normally. However if the strait is blocked on their arrival day, the land units will not cross. They will stop in the land province they were attempting to cross the strait from.
  • land connections may be traced through straits.
  • The force which attacks across a strait recieves a -1 malus to its DRM.

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