In Europa Universalis II, trade technology is a field of technology representing knowledge of methods of storage, transportation, and negotiation. It is one of the four fields of technology represented in EU2.

Seeing Trade Edit

You can see your own country's level of trade tech on the budget screen, by mousing over the "Trade Level" slider and reading the tooltip. You can also see trade tech for the scenario-determined major powers via the Trade Level graph (page 7) in the ledger.

It is not possible to exactly determine other countries' trade tech levels from within the game. However, you can find out their trade efficiency by mousing over their merchants on a center of trade screen; and from that, you can usually infer their trade tech.

Effects Edit

Trade technology has the following effects:

  • certain levels allow a country to perform various actions related to trade; see below.
  • increasing levels increase the country's trade efficiency.

Trade Tech Table Edit

Level Base Cost Ahead of Time
Base Trade
0 - - 20
1 141.5 - 30 Allows merchant sends
2 858 - 40 Allows trading posts
3 7725 1420 50 Allows monopolies
4 4000 1470 55 Allows trade embargoes
5 6760 1495 60 +1 merchant/year
6 10980 1535 65
7 7680 1595 70
8 12360 1635 80
9 10850 1695 90
10 24000 1745 100 +2 merchants/year

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